ITACOR Est.2000 are the pioneers and founders of the Italian Cane Corso throughout Australasia.  We are recognised registered breeders and active members with DogsNSW in Sydney Australia.

ITACOR is “Home of the Italian Cane Corso” and “Guardian of the Future” we imported the Italian Cane Corso from Italy to Australia presenting the breed for the first time to the Australian National Kennel Council and New Zealand Kennel Council in the year 2000 we achieved the ultimate satisfaction in gaining official recognition and approval in May 2003 as the Corso became the 52nd pure rare pedigree breed, throughout Australasia. Their existence in our country was made possible through ITACOR importing exceptional Corso; now every Australian can enjoy this majestic, unique, loyal rare breed.

ITACOR is renowned for their strong and sound foundations acquiring only top quality bloodlines available in dogs and bitches from their regional home land Italy and in more recent times around the world. Today, those dogs together with our breeding knowledge and passion have delivered results that every breeder dreams, at ITACOR we are privileged through our efforts to be living that dream everyday, we would like to thank our Cane Corso owners for the positive influence on the breed. Today ITACOR stands as an award winning breeding kennel amongst the most sort after in the world. We are actively involved with training and showcasing conformation all breeds dog shows throughout Australasia.  We conduct Judges training schemes and breed education seminars, the versatility of this breed can be appreciated in so many elements from household pet, show dog, sport dog, security dog the ultimate all rounder best friend.

We are active members participating in the sport of IPO with the Waratah SportDog Club in Sydney.

We welcome you to come visit our extended family of Cane Corso at ITACOR in Sydney Australia, the home of the Italian Cane Corso where you will become part of Team ITACOR as we build on solid relationships with our families of our puppies, working together for the lifetime of your ITACOR Cane Corso. We are at your disposal to advise, assist and answer any questions to the best of our knowledge ensuring our lifetime commitment to you and your Cane Corso.

We will endeavour to keep you well informed about the breed throughout our website, encouraging you to visit gaining further knowledge as this breed continues to capture our hearts.

Deposits $500 will secure a puppy on your behalf, deposits are non refundable for change of mind under any circumstances.  Deposits will however roll over for future litters.

ITACOR "Guardian of the Future" and "Companion for Life"