Family Time...if 3 is a crowd what is 4?


The perfect pack...the loving active family = happy dog loving couple with their fur babies 1 x French Bulldog, 1 x British Bulldog, 1 x Cane Corso plus 1 x cuties Cane Corso handheld pup = LOVE

ITACOR Dior offspring of ITACOR Apollo II X ITACOR Delta, making a difference for people with multiple disabilities and sensary imparments.

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DogTherapyFeb15 12


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On The Watch!

Bondi has their very own Guardian of the Future, Mahi stands proud on the watch for his guests to arrive...


Hanging with the girls!

Summer days are way too much fun, hanging at the beach, playing fetch and going for a swim!

ITACORZara DiorWithFrank

ITACOR meets Artists Justice Crew!

ITACOR pup lucky to get cuddles from Urban Artists Justice Crew.