Truths about colds and kids!


MAN'S best friends are not only good for the soul but they are proving to be a preventative for the common cold. Children who have dogs at home are healthier and have less respiratory tract symptoms and infections than those who have no contact with canines, a study conducted by University Hospital in Finland has found. The study, published in the American Journal Of Pediatrics, followed 397 children from pregnancy into the first year of their life. Dogs NSW veterinary adviser Peter Higgins said the ground-breaking research backed up anecdotal evidence. "For 20 years parents have been saying little Johnny is so healthy and he rolls around with dogs," he said. "This just confirms it." He said dogs helped children build up the immune system, giving them exposure to low levels of bacteria and germs. "They're like a vaccination," he said. "It shows we don't have to put antiseptic on everything."

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