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BACK Italian Import Amy


Another trip to Italy become an incredible adventure into the world of meeting Italy's pride and joy Dog of the year and Italian Champion Amy. She took our breathe away and stole our heart, at that very point we couldn't let her slip away. Amy was imported by ITACOR Kennels to becoming a member of our extended family of Corso and future breeding program. Amy at first glance is impressive, she displays strong characteristics to the Corso breed standard, comprising an outstanding conformation with sound temperament.

The future looks bright for ITACOR when you only expect the highest of standards in your breeding program, importing dogs of this nature you can only be assured your offsprings will be of superior quality.

Hip HD 2 Australian Grade

LIR 04/36043


Italian Champion & European Dog of the Year

Amy is renowned throughout Europe as one of the most outstanding bitches of her class, she has without doubt demanded attention within the show arena in Italy to then achieve European Dog of the Year in 2005, published in SACC news magazine issue 12/2005.  We are proud to have imported Amy to Australia she has produced exceptional offspring for ITACOR Kennels strengthening our foundations in Australia with many demanding her offspring.

She has also acheived C.A.L 1 in 2004.







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