At ITACOR we provide a happy environment where your dogs can enjoy a stay away from home experience with our large rural property the dogs can experience a variety of activities during their stay to include swimming, play catch, a variety of training or as little as possible. We believe every dog has a personality of their own, some want adventure while others thrive on lazing around. We will accommodate your dogs needs, including diet and making their experience at ITACOR an enjoyable and memorable stay; resting assure that their stay with ITACOR will be just as rewarding as your stay away.


As show exhibitors ourselves we are experienced with great knowledge of what can be expected ringside. ITACOR can provide your pup with show dog training, preparing your puppy for their big day out at the show OR just preparing your puppy for the big wide world out there. We will provide essential social and basic training skills.


From basic to advance training, we can provide you with the tools necessary to achieve a well balanced and obedient dog. Obedience is the essential key to a successful relationship between dog and owner/handler. Training will provide your canine and yourself with skills that will ensure you continue to enjoy each others company where you will both gain the respect of each others commitment, learning how your dog responds while they achieves each goal with success. Training is not only enjoyable but very rewarding for both dog and owner/handler.


This training was foundered by ITACOR a technique used by us with all of our young puppies, we believe in soundness, self confidence and balance. Every dog should undergo this training technique; we introduce a variety of apparatus that your dog may experience in their environment , this builds into a self reassuring dog who is happy and displays full confidence. All of our training is about having fun; rewarding and making your dog feel they can do no wrong.

Bookings are essential as limited places become available.

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