We are often asked how true is it about the Cane Corso expressing dominance?


We can not forget this breed does express dominance but at the same time we need to differentiate the Good v's the Bad!Does your dog jump up on you when you come home for instance?How you respond and the energy you express with this particular behaviour can ultimately change your dogs behaviour from a dominant or submissive expression. The dog has so much energy at this point of engagement, an expression of dominance is displayed to gain your attention.

At this point you must ignore the energy; do not reward the dog with affection or a treat, wait till your dog calms then reward at this point as your dog's energy has shifted from dominant to submissive, the result of a calm state of mind.If you continue to persist and encourage the acceptable behaviour, your dog will soon understand that acting in a calm submissive nature, results in rewards be it long and slow strokes, playtime with you or a treat.However you choice to reward your dog, its ultimately your decision but be consistant with this reward.The key rule here is simple......Reward a positive behaviour(you accept) and Ignore a negative behaviour(you do not accept).

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