Docile & Affectionate

The gentle giant!

The Showmen



Adores children!


The Ultimate Guardian!

Powerful & Agile

The all rounder!

The Show Dog

Utility dog competitor

Cane Corso Characteristics

When looking at a Cane Corso, first impressions they are strong, brave and athletic looking. Their muzzle is broad and deep and flat across the top. Their ears are usually cropped and raise to a point, if not cropped they lay flat to the side of the cheek. Their cheeks lay flat against their strong powerful jaw line. This breed has tight skin around the lips thus making them not drool as much as other breeds. Their powerful neck is slightly arched as it leads into their athletic, muscular and powerful body. Their legs are lean and muscular with compact paws and well arched toes. Their fur is short, thick with a rough to smooth touch. They vary in colours black, and various shades of grey and fawn to brindle. White patches are acceptable on the chest, feet and the nose.

In the course of their, "adolescence," the young dog strongly feels the union and bound to their owner/handler who will now undertake parental care of the young dog.  The dog will grow with confidence and acquire characteristics of the breed with correct socialization and training making him/her the ideal all rounder companion.   The evolution of molossoid dogs both for guard and defense, will only become apparent through positive training, acheiving the commitment necessary for what we ask of the dog.

In their long history, ancestors of those Cane Corsos, from which we retrieve an ancient race today, it is true that they carried on many tasks, the evolution of their physical structure was such to allow diversified behaviours in relation to their roles assigned by man.