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Spring is here with Summer around the corner!


While this time of the year is packed with fun filled activities with family, friends and our canines, we need to be vigilant of the threats that summer brings. It is unfortunate that a Corso has recently fallen victim to a venomous snake bite with a fatal outcome; ITACOR is devastated to hear of this tragic loss, our thoughts and prayers are with the family. We need to take precautions during the Spring to Summer period in prevention for many of these pesty bugs and snakes that can be a nuisance and fatal to our four legged friends. 
Snakes and bugs are part of our natural surroundings, while we can take measures in prevention sometimes fate is beyond us, we can only try our best.
Keeping an eyeful watch around the yard and your dogs bedding areas, while keeping your lawns low and avoid piles of logs and rocks, these are great hiding places where they like to take refuge for the moisture and dark space it provides them. 
Sprays, powders, shampoos and collars are all tools needed for this summer to fight against ticks, fleas, spiders, mosquito and flies. When your heading out always carry a natural insect repellent this will prevent bites protecting your dog against heart worm.
Water is a must, carry a spray bottle, great to squirt in the dogs mouth keeping them hydrated and tummy spray to keep them cool while travelling. 
Just like us our four legged friend needs protection from the warmer weather approaching quickly, call ITACOR for any advise or concerns you may, please feel free to share any tips you may have too.

Beating the Summer Heat!

 keeping cool

Summer is here and it's been a HOT one and it's not over yet! There are many ways in keeping your canine friend cool this summer here are a few tips *Plenty of water to be available at all times *Frozen treats, they love to lick them to discover a treat while keeping them well hydrated *Frozen containers to slowly melt away these can be placed on a towel in the yard or their bed for your dog to lay on keeping them cool *Kids pool in the shade for them to lay or stand *Keeping their coat well groomed by brushing away hair will improve circulation *Not exercising or playing *fans assist with air flow *Indoors is best!

Fireworks are great unless you're a pet!



While we celebrate the holidays and the new year with firework displays, our four-legged friends are often hiding behind the sofa, trembling under beds or jumping 6-foot fences to get away from the noise!

Remember if your away during New Years without your four legged friend, keep a light on with the radio running, therefore it want seem so obvious when the fireworks celebrations begin.

Desensatising your dog with noises and sounds prior to the celebration will safe guard your dog from anxiety. Provide a safe environment for your dog planning in advance boarding or a house sitter,ensuring they enjoy the holiday season too.

We are often asked how true is it about the Cane Corso expressing dominance?


We can not forget this breed does express dominance but at the same time we need to differentiate the Good v's the Bad!Does your dog jump up on you when you come home for instance?How you respond and the energy you express with this particular behaviour can ultimately change your dogs behaviour from a dominant or submissive expression. The dog has so much energy at this point of engagement, an expression of dominance is displayed to gain your attention.

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Truths about colds and kids!


MAN'S best friends are not only good for the soul but they are proving to be a preventative for the common cold. Children who have dogs at home are healthier and have less respiratory tract symptoms and infections than those who have no contact with canines, a study conducted by University Hospital in Finland has found. The study, published in the American Journal Of Pediatrics, followed 397 children from pregnancy into the first year of their life. Dogs NSW veterinary adviser Peter Higgins said the ground-breaking research backed up anecdotal evidence. "For 20 years parents have been saying little Johnny is so healthy and he rolls around with dogs," he said. "This just confirms it." He said dogs helped children build up the immune system, giving them exposure to low levels of bacteria and germs. "They're like a vaccination," he said. "It shows we don't have to put antiseptic on everything."

Raw-Fresh is BEST!

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Raw-Fresh is BEST

The importance of raw fresh meals are the right start to your dogs daily requirements, contact ITACOR for assistance with your dog's diet after years of nutritional studies, placing the correct balance of supplements, meats, and a variety of foods we have created a well balanced diet at Team ITACOR.Supplements are necessary for the well being of your canine.  Vitamin C for instance is a great antioxidant for your dog, helping absorb the natural calcium from their daily diet.  We recommend the use of a non acidic calcium ascorbate.

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